Aktuelle Messwerte 02.09.2010

pH-Wert: 8,53
alkalische Reserve: 1,8% CaCo3/kg
Verfestigung: 30%
Friends and partners

Selected partners merge into a perfectly functioning loop.

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Friends and partners

GSK operates across a wide network of archives, institutes, suppliers and other partners. Our list of associates and partners is constantly being updated. GSK also welcomes being listed as a reciprocal link on other Web sites.

Research cooperations

Standards Committee of the Library and Documentation System (NABD) for establishing high quality standards.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover makes basic research in process engineering, metrology and book deacidification possible.

Public-private partnerships are in place with the German Federal Archives, the State Archives of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Landschaftsverbände (regional authorities) of the Rhineland (LVR) and Westphalia-Lippe (LWL).