Aktuelle Messwerte 02.09.2010

pH-Wert: 8,53
alkalische Reserve: 1,8% CaCo3/kg
Verfestigung: 30%

Basic research in process engineering and metrology in cooperation with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences


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Strong partnerships for optimized processes

GSK cooperates with national and international distribution partners as well as with institutions in the public sector. Public-private partnerships are in place with the German Federal Archives, the State Archive of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Landschaftsverbände (regional authorities) of the Rhineland (LVR) and Westphalia-Lippe (LWL).

Research cooperations

GSK is supporting the further development and improvement of the technical process and in the course of its work on the Standards Committee of the Library and Documentation System (NABD) is advocating adoption of higher quality standards.

Cooperation with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences makes possible basic research on process engineering and metrology as well as on book deacidification. The findings are applied in the optimization of our equipment and processes. For example, a gentle paper transport for all grades of paper was developed and is now in use. In the Department of Chemical and Process Technology Professor Ulrich Lüdersen established a research competence laboratory – FoMasK – in which research on commercial deacidification and paper consolidation is carried out. The results have already been included in the GSK book conservation process. In addition, GSK is supporting scientific studies in process engineering and metrology, and offers students opportunities to conduct research on site at its in-house laboratories.

The GSK is also making good progress in the development of digital technology. In cooperation with BancTec, an especially gentle, high-speed scanning process was developed and is now ready for the market: The PAS (Professional Archive Scan) process is a new incident light digitizing technique featuring state-of-the-art scanning head technology and intelligent data management.